Bow Meow Pet Grooming School in Essex Junction, VT

Bow Meow Pet Grooming School offers six week classes to become a professional pet groomer! We offer hands-on in-shop classes!

Hands-On In-Shop Classes Available

How does it work? Depending on the course you selected, there will be several units you would have to complete. Most of them require reading, watching instruction video's and quizzes. Some units are locked. This means you need to complete a certain quiz, or complete one of the units before you proceed.

At the end of every chapter there will be a "chapter exam" depending on your grade, you will have to either finish the chapter or you have to take it again. Sometimes students will be asked to submit homework, this could be either a (pdf. or docx. wmv. .mov etc file extension). You will also be graded for this. Certification Upon Completion? Once you completed all the units of the selected course, there will be a final exam. In order to complete the exam you need to at least have a total of 70% or higher. You will be certified and receive a diploma.

Call for more information and to sign up by calling 802-878-3647.

Do You Love Dogs and Cats? Are you Looking For a New Career?

Start Your New Career in Pet Grooming! Next Class Starts April 3rd! Call for Details!

Bow Meow Pet Grooming School